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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3D Printer Processes: Five Basic Functions

3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing or rapid prototyping is considered as a technology that creates a design out of a computer-aided method. Using 3d printers, different models are used. In fact, the output is utilized not only for creation of products for a consumer’s consumption. It can also be functional for relaying ideas to employees in a workplace.

These 3d modeling techniques make use of prototypes. But to make the work even faster, rapid tooling is also employed. Both small production runs and complicated object designs rely upon this type of technology. To make you appreciate more about this technological concept, take a look at its five basic processes.

The 5 basic processes behind 3d printers

Each company may employ different techniques to create 3d models. But from all these differences, there are also similar processes that are essentially included in production. These are the five basic functions adapted by businesses:

1. 3D model creation. This is that part of the process where the computer aided design software – CAD software – is used. The CAD software package creates 3d models out of a specified material. Solid modelers are said to be better than wire-frame modelers in that they produce more accurate models. As for design options, the designer chooses between an existing design and a pre-made design of the client.

2. STL-format conversion. After creating the models from the software, they are converted to stereolithography or STL format. In this part of the process, complicated parts need to be given much attention. Since the STL format cannot represent curved areas, increasing the number of triangles will be needed. The designer should focus on manageability and accuracy to have a useful design file from the STL format.

3. Slicing of the STL file. This is the process where the 3d model is adjusted depending on its size, location and orientation. The STL model is sliced or divided into several parts that range from .01 mm thin to .07 mm thick. An auxiliary structure is also produced in the process. This will help support 3d models during the building process.

4. Layering. Also known as the layer by layer construction, this is the process where the part is actually constructed. The 3d printer builds the layer one after the other. Materials such as polymers, powdered metal and paper are utilized during the layering process.

5. Finishing. This is critical to the post-production process. It is just like polishing or applying varnish on furniture. In this process of 3d printing, the prototype is cleaned. It is done by removing it from the gadget while also considering the removal of detachable supports. Photosensitive materials need to undergo curing before they are actually used. Surface treatment such as sealing, sanding and painting may also be employed.

After knowing these processes in 3d printers technologies, it would be easier for you to understand the product’s real purpose. It also gives you an idea of how you may utilize it for your business or personal consumption. In short, these 3d modeling technologies make the model available for various applications.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

High-temperature stereolithography resin - Accura Peak Plastic

3D Systems is launching Accura Peak Plastic, a newly engineered stereoligraphy resin that is designed for optimal performance, accuracy and stability during prolonged exposure to elevated temperature and humidity.
Accura Peak Plastic is suitable for demanding automotive, aerospace and motorsports applications whose harsh conditions require strength, stiffness and high levels of thermal and humidity stability. Accura Peak Plastic is a precision material for the production of high-definition master patterns, fixtures and jigs, thermoforming tools and functional models requiring accuracy and long-term dimensional stability. Additionally, the properties of this new plastic make it a natural fit for the custom production of under-the-hood automotive parts for performance evaluations.
Steve Hanna, 3D Systems' director of materials sales and marketing, comments: "Accura Peak Plastic is a breakthrough material specifically tailored for extreme operating environment applications for our growing base of automotive, motorsports and aerospace users. This new plastic also supports our geographic expansion plans into regions of the world where extreme ambient conditions dictate this level of performance stability."
 High-temperature stereolithography resin - Accura Peak Plastic

Designed for use with iPro and Viper SLA systems, Accura Peak Plastic is available immediately through the company's 3Dproparts network.

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Iron Man 2's Secret Sauce: 3D Printing



Exclusive pics of the 3-D printing process behind the Iron Man 2 costumes.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 opens Are you excited? Really? Huh. Well, keep reading anyway. You know someone's gonna drag you into a showing.

On screen, with all those suits whirling into place, you'd probably assume that the "costumes" are merely virtual. Actually, they're not: Maybe the most cutting-edge facet ofIron Man 2's production was the real-life fabrication of the suits. Using 3-D printers, the film's production company, Legacy Effects, was able to have artists draw an art concept--and then physically make that concept in just four hours.

Each layer is just microns thick, and the product gets printed from the bottom up.


The product emerges completely finished. All you need is some paint. Basically, if Tony Stark was real, he wouldn't be sitting around in a tool shop. He'd be clicking on a CAD program, and then kicking his feet up as his suit was printed.

In addition to speed, the benefit is that you can print out costumes custom fitted to the actors, down to the millimeter. And with custom-fitted suits, Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke can put a lot more action into their fight scenes, without the wonky effect of layering on too much CGI. (Downey complained that the original Iron Man suits, which were made more traditionally, were too clunky to act in, and extremely uncomfortable.)

Maybe the best example are the gloves that Downey wore--which were no thicker than a dime, and could be worn for hours without getting so hot that the dude needed some Colombian Marching Powder to take the edge off:

Iron Man 2 costume

Iron Man 2 costume

Iron Man 2 costume

BY CLIFF KUANGFri May 7, 2010


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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Écoutez l'émission #167 des Mystérieux étonnants à


Writer Chris Claremont has encountered more success than most writers ever dream of. His stories have achieved best-seller status, won numerous awards, and are trend-setters for the industry. Although best known for his work on Marvel Comic’s X-Men series, he has written other seminal characters such as Batman and Superman; originated several creator-owned series; is published throughout the world in many different languages; authored nine novels; and even had his first video game premier in Spring 2006. His work has touched millions

Liste des artistes du 9 mai / List of artists on May 9th :

Carl Bois
- Charles-Emmanuel Ouellette
- Eric Thériault
- Forteresse impériale du Québec
- Front froid
- Geof Isherwood - Jammy Poulin - Jimmy Suzan
- Kate Bradley -
Kelly Tindall
- Nadim Mahi-Bahi
- Noumier Tawilah
- Richard Serrao
- Sanya Anwar
- Simon Banville
- Visions Found -
Wes Craig

SciFi Anime fais parti de nos exposants le 9 Mai au Comic Con de Montreal.
SciFi Anime will be exhibiting on May 9th at the Montreal Comic Con.

Le Club Modelfest sera au Comic Con le 9 Mai 2010.Club Modelfest will be exhibiting at the Montreal Comic Con 2010.


Un de nos exposants (Maladie des Cartes) aura une nouvelle selection de 
plus de 200 nouvelles Figurines/Toys à vendre pour seulement 5$ chaque
au Montreal Comic Con le 9 Mai.
One of our Toys exhibitors (Maladie des Cartes) will have a new collection of 
over 200 new Toys for sale at only 5$ at the Montreal Comic Con on May 9th.


- A brand new exclusive teaser trailer cut exclusively for the occasion;
- A Five (5) pages sneak peek at The Canadian Shield #1 comic,
the first comic of the Heroes of the North Universe;
- A first glimpse at the design for the Crimson figurine;
- A few more surprises and exclusive stuff!
Hope to see you there!

Jennifer Aubin sera responsable du concours de costumes.
Jennifer Aubin will be in charge of the costume contest

For more information about the Montreal Comicon and their other events, 
please visit their website: #gi

Schedule and location 

Sunday, May 9th, from 11:00am to 5:00pm 

Place Bonaventure, room 200-N 
800, rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, Montreal (Quebec) H5A 1K6 

Admission fee

General admission: $5 / Children under 6 and all moms (coming with at least one child): FREE

Tickets will be only available at the entrance.

Costume contest

There will be a costume contest on May 9th. Five hundred dollars ($500) will be awarded to winners, as follows:

- Every hour from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, a winner will be declared and will receive a $100 credit to spend at any exhibitor or artist booth.

- The registration will be at the entrance and is free of charge.

- Costumes of all genres are welcome, from designs recreated from movies, TV, comic books, fantasy art and Japanese anime, to never-before-seen original designs from the imaginations of our contestants.

- Jennifer Aubin will be in charge of the contest. Also, Henry Wong will be the official photographer.

- Costumes will be judged on originality and on how contestants fit into their character. Note: A homemade costume has an advantage over a store-bought costume.



View Larger Map




There are plenty of accommodations in Montreal for all kinds of budgets. Here are a few suggestions based on the proximity of the convention venue. 

Hilton Montreal Bonaventure

Sheraton Centre Montreal




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